Caring for your little one’s hair

Whether you have a baby with a head as soft as silk or a teenager whose hair hasn’t seen a bottle of shampoo or brush for months, we understand there will be times when some common hair care challenges rear their ugly heads (excuse the pun) from birth, right up until puberty hits. But fear not, we can guide you through the pitfalls with our straightforward advice. Please note that Vosene Kids products are not suitable for babies and newborns.

Head Lice check list

We know life is busy and sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, but it’s really important to set some time aside to check your child’s hair on a regular basis.

Parents vs Head Lice

When nasty critters set up camp in your child’s hair it can be a frustrating process trying to eliminate them. But fear not, we can help you with your challenge.

6 ways to help keep head lice at bay

Follow these 6 simple steps to help make your little one’s mane a no-go area for head lice!

10 super facts about head lice

Did you know that head lice inspired the Mohawk? Or that a female louse only needs to mate once in her life to produce all of her eggs? And no, there’s no way they can jump from head to head. Chances are, you’ve heard a lot of different information about head lice. Read our 10 super facts to discover some interesting snippets about these crafty little critters.